Project Charter – Hoang Anh Just

Project Name

  • The Change of Gettysburg College Campus over Time

Project Owner

  • Hoang Anh Just

Project Summary

  • My project is a development of Augmented Reality mobile application with a content of Gettysburg College Campus. The application will recognize college buildings and will provide the specific information/facts about corresponding buildings and will show the changes of the buildings at a given time.

Research Question

  • How has the Gettysburg College campus has changed over time? What were significant changes for the campus that affected its members?

Scope of project

  • I intend to start very small. I will start with Pennsylvania Hall, and once I will be able to do it and be comfortable with my tools, I will increase the scope of my project to more buildings.


  • My main audience will be members of Gettysburg College (mostly students, staff, and faculty). For people who are interested in Gettysburg College campus and would like always to learn more about it in a fun way.


  • Photos/Videos of College Campus
  • Information/Facts about Gettysburg College Campus
  • AR application for IOS/Android
  • WordPress with TimeLineJS or StoryMapJS
  • StoryMapJS


  • Week 1:  early research about GC campus and best AR app platform
  • Week 2: starting to learn AP platforms and starting to researching on one buildings
  • Week 3: finding more specific information and photos, make simple ar applications
  • Week 4: finish researching and understanding research, make more advanced ar apps, halftime re-checking goals
  • Week 5: starting application and adding historical content
  • Week 6: finishing up the application and work on design
  • Week 7: test your application and work on presentation
  • Week 8: presentation practice and done?

End of Life/Future Plans

  • As I know this project is very big to make on my own. So in future, I would like to improve the application to increase the scope of the project. I would like other members of our school also be involved and to contribute to the project so it will be even more complete. The project will not only focus on buildings but also on different aspects in our school.

Name: Visual Novels as a form of digital literature/storytelling

Owner: Emmarie Toppan

Summary: Create a platform that presents and discuss visual novels and their place in digital humanities as a medium that combines video games and literature

  • How do visual novels immerse you in interactive stories and differ from other kinds of video games and storytelling mediums?
  • Talk about what a visual novel is, criticism of the genre, origins/past/present future, levels of interactive storytelling, educational uses for visual novels, top genres (like nakige and why it’s important), Japan and anime, are they actually video games?, do they actually qualify as literature?, Japanese influence in the West, VNs from around the world, lemmasoft forms and all the homemade VNs (programs like twine), Mobile VNs
  • Would like to create a website that presents all of this information in an interactive and organized way, including an interactive timeline and maybe an archive of less sketchy games
  • Audience: people who enjoy video games and/or literature and want to see how they can be successfully combined


  • Primary sources (gaming platforms)
  • Articles and essays (resources/references)
  • Images/screencaps of games and gameplay
  • Timeline tool, maybe data analysis as well? (rise in popularity)
  • WordPress




Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
List of resources List of articles Create timeline Collect images Complete visualization Project draft Final project presentation
  Project charter Read all articles Start implementing wireframe        
    Wireframes completed          


End of Life/Future Plans: As the realm of Visual Novels develops and evolves with the video game industry I’d like to keep the website up to date. If I do end up making an archive I’ll have an option for people to submit titles that aren’t already included, so I would monitor that as well. I’d hope that website and its information would evolve along with the field it represents.
– something to show future employers (maybe)

Project Charter – Erik Carneal

Project Name

  • “Political Media Bias articles and broadcasts before the 2016 Elections in Adams County.”

Project Owner

  • By: Erik Channing Carneal

Project Summary

  • This project will analyze news articles and news broadcasts related to the 2016 presidential elections, particlualry by Adams County news sources. With these articles, I will create a timeline of them leading up the 2016 election in Adams County. I will use text anylasis by use of Voyant to show what words were used most in the report. At the end of the timeline will be the 2016 Adams County election results, and an analysis on how these bias reports contributed to the these polls. This type bias reporting is a threat to democracy and threatens the idea of free political thinking. My audience is for any scholar looking to research political media and how political media can be good for or a threat to democracy. This is also for anyone looking to learn more about political journalism in general.


  1. I will need to use WordPress to layout the design of my website.
  2. I will need to use a text analysis software that I like, such as Amenity.
  3. I will need to find number of articles that exemplify bias media.
  4. I will use TimelineJs to timeline the articles
  5. I will use Voyant Tools to analyis the articles
  6. I will use STATA datasets to research election results.


Week 2: Project Charter Due

  • Complete Project Charter.
  • Gather local news sources.
  • Complete an annotated bibliography by Friday.

Week 3: Wireframes due on Friday, June 21st.

  • Start and finish wireframes.
  • Find best video and text sources. Get rid of ones unused.
  • Start to develop a digital timeline.

Week 4: Text Analysis and Video Analysis due by Friday, June 28th.

  • Complete text analysis.
  • Complete video analysis.

Week 5: Category Visualization due by Friday, July 5th.

  • Finish wordpress layout and incorporate timeline into wordpress.
  • Finish “about” section.

Week 6: Project Draft due by Friday, July 12th

  • Finish project draft.
  • Clean up any final touches on wordpress.

Week 7: Final Project Link due by Friday, July 19th

  • Complete project.
  • Prepare for presentation.

Week 8:

  • Present project.

End of Life/Future Plans

    • The plan for the project after the fellowship. Will the project continue on in some form? Who will continue to work on it? How will it be preserved
    • After my project is complete, I plan to use this as a starting point in further research I would like to complete. I plan to use this project as a reference in future projects, even beyond graduation. I hope that this project can be preserved in the Library website.

Project Charter

Project Name: Constructing the Past

Project By: Maci Mark

Project Summary: Constructing the Past is a study of 3 buildings on campus and the coming together of the people who lived in them, the college, the community and the intersection and influence of the architecture. Each building 227 Carlisle Street, 250 Carlisle Street, and Brua Hall have a unique history that also reflects the changes that took place in Gettysburg over time. These buildings are similar in many ways, but are also vastly different in their connection to the college, their original purpose, and how their purpose has changed over time. Buildings and their architecture reflect changes in a community and changes over time, this project will show that. This will culminate in a website that shows these buildings past and current uses, and draws together the community connections.

Deliverables: In order for this projected to be completed I will need access to 227 Carlisle Street, 250 Carlisle Street, and Brua Hall, primary sources from Special Collections and Adams County Historical Society, and digital tools such as scalar, TimelinesJS, and WordPress to create a website.

Project Timeline:

Week 1: I will begin contacting people about different resources

Week 2: Start doing research into the different buildings, make plans to go to County Recorder of Deeds and Adams County Historical Society, Project Charter Due

Week 3: Go to Adams County Historical Society and County Recorder of Deeds, Wireframes due

Week 4: Start narrowing down information

Week 5: Work on organizing information and building website

Week 6: Document 227 Carlisle Street, Project Draft Due

Week 7: Add recently acquired information, Final Project due

Week 8: Present

Future Plans: This project will be preserved in the state it is in at the end of the summer, but there is the potential for more to be added to it in the future.

Project Charter -Emma Poff

Project Name: Populism and Human Rights Violations in Southeast Asia

Project Owner: Emma Poff

Project Summary: I would like to create an interactive website for a general somewhat educated audience to learn about Southeast Asian countries and how their citizens are affected by populist influence. Viewers will be able to read through brief histories of four countries (Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Thailand) and their different leaders. I hope to show a correlation between populism within these four countries’ governments and human rights violations against its citizens.

Research Questions:

To what extent has the spread of populism within Southeastern Asian countries caused more frequent and possibly larger-scaled human rights violations against targeted individuals or groups?

What are the different types of populism?

Why is Southeast Asian populism so different from Western world populism?

Deliverables: My project will have multiple pages with attached links as well as navigation controls that allow the viewer to click through different histories and sources. I would like to place an interactive map on my general page with links that take viewers to the four chosen countries, each with their own individual interactive timelines. My hope is to link past events to current problems with human rights scandals.


Week 2:

Learn WordPress, learn mapping tools, learn timeline tools, complete project charter; read books on populism (find a definition), decide on which countries to start research

Week 3:

Learn Scalar, learn text analysis tools, form rough drafts of timelines for each country, wireframes due

Week 4:

Begin creating WordPress page (About and General Homepage), create a map, Go to PCLA

Week 5:

Find firsthand accounts, work on timelines, visualizations due

Week 6:

Add in media, firsthand accounts, pictures, social media page? Draft due

Week 7:

Finishing touches, check links, ensure flow for viewers, polish appearance, Projects due

Week 8:

Work on presentation, PRESENT

End of Life/Future Plans: I hope to leave my website open to collaboration from others with the hopes of getting the chance to occasionally update timelines for incoming events from the news and later world reports.

Project Charter

Project Name:  Bridging the Gap: A History of College-Community Partnership

Project Owner: Michaela Crow

Project Summary: This project intends to explore the evolving community partnership between Gettysburg College and Adams County, primarily through the Center for Public Service and the Chapel program that preceded it. This will be achieved by highlighting the service programs which have bridged the divide between college and community.

Research question: How has the community partnership between Gettysburg College and the greater Adams County community evolved over time? What are the service projects between the two that have defined the last century and what has their impact been?

Project Scope: Over the eight-week period, I hope to create a timeline exploring the service projects led by the Chapel and Center for Public Service in Adams County with a potential additional page for service led by the Greek community. I intend to link the timeline to pages describing the service project in depth with supplemental photos and articles from the Gettysburgian. I would also like to provide a platform for community members to record their own experiences with the programs.

Audience: Gettysburg College students and Adams County community members that have been affected by this history of partnership or are researching the College’s history of community service


Scalar – platform


The description page of service projects – photos, history

Oral Histories: Vannorsdall, Mattson, Olinger, etc.

Article from Gettysburgian online archive

Special Collections – manuscripts, Junto, etc.

Images from CPS – digitize


Week 2: Project charter due Friday morning

Compile relevant dates from CPS timeline

Decide on service projects images needed from CPS

Research in Archives – 1 box done

Week 3: Wireframes due Friday morning

Select and digitize images from CPS

Create a timeline of public service

Week 4:

Connect Timeline to titled pages

Write descriptions and contextualize

Website homepage drafter

Week 5:

Have a timeline and images finalized

½ of connected pages done

Week 6: Project Draft Due Friday

Complete about/summary page

Have peer review work

Draft of the project finished

Week 7: Final Project due Friday

Final edits completed

Reexamine all pages for errors

Week 8: Presentation week

Prepare for presentation

Practice presenting to audience

End of Life/Future Plans

Due to the nature of the project, there is clear opportunity to continue updating the timeline with community programs which emerge over time. Additionally, the project will ideally carry on through crowd-sourced reflections and experiences related to service programs described. Following my graduation, the project could be continued by CPS or left in a final form updated till 2019. The project will continue to be preserved on the college’s website.