Project Charter – Erik Carneal

Project Name

  • “Political Media Bias articles and broadcasts before the 2016 Elections in Adams County.”

Project Owner

  • By: Erik Channing Carneal

Project Summary

  • This project will analyze news articles and news broadcasts related to the 2016 presidential elections, particlualry by Adams County news sources. With these articles, I will create a timeline of them leading up the 2016 election in Adams County. I will use text anylasis by use of Voyant to show what words were used most in the report. At the end of the timeline will be the 2016 Adams County election results, and an analysis on how these bias reports contributed to the these polls. This type bias reporting is a threat to democracy and threatens the idea of free political thinking. My audience is for any scholar looking to research political media and how political media can be good for or a threat to democracy. This is also for anyone looking to learn more about political journalism in general.


  1. I will need to use WordPress to layout the design of my website.
  2. I will need to use a text analysis software that I like, such as Amenity.
  3. I will need to find number of articles that exemplify bias media.
  4. I will use TimelineJs to timeline the articles
  5. I will use Voyant Tools to analyis the articles
  6. I will use STATA datasets to research election results.


Week 2: Project Charter Due

  • Complete Project Charter.
  • Gather local news sources.
  • Complete an annotated bibliography by Friday.

Week 3: Wireframes due on Friday, June 21st.

  • Start and finish wireframes.
  • Find best video and text sources. Get rid of ones unused.
  • Start to develop a digital timeline.

Week 4: Text Analysis and Video Analysis due by Friday, June 28th.

  • Complete text analysis.
  • Complete video analysis.

Week 5: Category Visualization due by Friday, July 5th.

  • Finish wordpress layout and incorporate timeline into wordpress.
  • Finish “about” section.

Week 6: Project Draft due by Friday, July 12th

  • Finish project draft.
  • Clean up any final touches on wordpress.

Week 7: Final Project Link due by Friday, July 19th

  • Complete project.
  • Prepare for presentation.

Week 8:

  • Present project.

End of Life/Future Plans

    • The plan for the project after the fellowship. Will the project continue on in some form? Who will continue to work on it? How will it be preserved
    • After my project is complete, I plan to use this as a starting point in further research I would like to complete. I plan to use this project as a reference in future projects, even beyond graduation. I hope that this project can be preserved in the Library website.

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