Week 5: Gaming


Post your visualization with the Category Visualization to the website by 9 am, Friday, July 5. This can be a link to a map, timeline, network diagram, text analysis, annotation … really, anything that will bring some sort of visual, interactive element to your final project. If you really want to use one of the text or network analysis tools introduced on Monday or Tuesday, and think you may need more time, let us know.

Reflective Essay #5

Post by 9am, Monday, July 8

Read “Reflections on a Movement” in Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016. We’ve spent a lot of time in the first half of this program thinking about different tools and methods you can use in creating your projects. How can your project be transformative? How can this program transform to change the needs of digital scholars? We discussed during the first day our ideas of what is and isn’t digital humanities/scholarship. How have your own thoughts on this changed?

Monday, July 1

9-10 am: Meet with Your Librarian Partner

10-11 am: DH in Context (Library 018)

Dr. Chris Oechler, Assistant Professor of Spanish, will visit us to talk about the VR reconstruction he is doing of a 17th century Spanish theater!

Before the Workshop

1-3 pm:  Critical Making (West Building)

And now for something completely different … today we will take a field trip to the West Building. This is a chance to have fun, but also to think about the idea of making in the humanities, and how prototyping, creating, failing, and revising are all important lessons to learn.

Before the Workshop

        • Browse Thingaverse and find a couple of models you might be interested in creating a 3D print for!

Wednesday, July 3

10 am-Noon: Games and Digital Humanities with Greg Lord (Public session, Library 014)

Video games can be seen as interactive narrative structures, and this is well suited to the digital humanities. While some games can communicate concepts of literature and history, other times we use the tools that are used to create games to develop virtual worlds to visualize our research. Today, Greg Lord will talk about his work with games and VR.

Before the Workshop

        • Read “Can Games be Humanities Scholarship?” by James Coltrain and Stephen Ramsay (password protected – email LibraryDS@gettysburg.edu if you plan to attend for the password)
        • Play a game! Any game, classic or modern. Think about what story it is trying to tell. HINT: If you need suggestions, see R.C.

Noon-1 pm: Lunch and Reading Discussion (The Atrium)

The Digital in the Humanities: An Interview with Jessica Marie Johnson

Lunch will be provided for the DSSFs

Thursday, July 4

**Independence Day – National Holiday – College Closed**

Friday, July 5

9-10 am: Friday Updates and Planning (Library 018)