Final Thoughts

Over the course of the summer I’ve become more aware of the collaborative and experimental aspects of visual novels and how they correlate with DH values. In the beginning I only thought about how visual novels applied to DH through the combination of technology and the humanities, but after learning more about both communities I’m able to recognize more similarities between the two. Learning more about the values of DH made me notice when they did or didn’t relate to the way video games treat those same concepts.

After the first reflection, my definition didn’t change so much as expand to incorporate the knowledge I gained over the course of the last few weeks. I would define DH as reformatting the humanities with digital tools, using technology to make information more accessible and presentable in a number of different ways. Building ongoing projects with people from all different realms of experience, sharing skills and working in a diverse online environment are all encompassed by DH. There are so many different kinds of interactive experiences that can be used to present research in a more effective way than simply a long paper, and I’m glad that I now know that. I hope to incorporate the qualities of DH into future projects to make them more interesting and reflective of the subject matter I’m discussing. This program has changed my perspective when it comes to sharing and presenting information in an academic setting and I will definitely continue using the skills I’ve developed in this short period of time while introducing as many people to DH as I can.

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