Week 7: Presenting

Final Project

Email a link to your final project to LibraryDS@gettysburg.edu by 9:00am, Friday, July 19.

Reflective Essay #7

Post by 9:00am, Monday, July 22

Reflect on how you have engaged in your communities of practice so far this summer.  How do you see yourself fitting into the larger DH community of practice at this time? Even though you are all working on individual projects, how has collaboration in the DSSF cohort helped you with your research and project?

Monday, July 15 (Bucknell University DSSRFs Visiting)

9-10 am: Meet with Your Librarian Partner

10 am–Noon: How to Talk About Your Research: Working with Faculty and Elevator Speeches (Library 014, Public Session)

Digital scholars spend a lot of time thinking and working on digital projects, but how do we talk about them? Sometimes you may only have a few minutes to talk about your research and the work that has gone into your project, so today we will create elevator speeches so you can hit the high points of your project in 1-2 minutes.

We hope that the Digital Scholarship Summer Research Fellows from Bucknell University will be able to join us for this workshop.

Before the Workshop

No readings. Come prepared to move around!

Noon–1 pm: Lunch with Bucknell Digital Scholarship Summer Research Fellows (Library 018)

1-3 pm: Sharing Projects with Bucknell Fellows

This will be a great opportunity to learn about the work other undergraduates have been doing this summer and will give you a new audience for your own projects. Use this time to learn about others’ approaches to the research process as well as what tools they identified and used for their work.

Wednesday, July 17

10 am–Noon: Worst Presentation Ever! Or, How to Talk About Your Research (Library 014, Public Session)

Many times you will only have a few minutes to discuss your project, which is why elevator speeches are important. However, if you’re presenting at a conference or other talk where you have an extended amount of time to discuss your research (like at the end of this summer!), you need to plan out a presentation. Today, we will discuss some best practices for creating a longer presentation, and practice giving a short talk.

Before the Workshop

Bourne, P.E. (2007). Ten simple rules for making good oral presentations. PLoS Computational Biology3(4), e 77. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1857815/

Young, S. (n.d.). 18 tips for killer presentations. LifeHack.com. Retrieved from http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/18-tips-for-killer-presentations.html

Thursday, July 18

Noon–1 pm: Lunch and Reading Discussion (018)

Bethany Nowviskie “Evaluating Collaborative Digital Scholarship (or, Where Credit is Due)”

Lunch will be provided for the DSSFs

Friday, July 19

9-10 am: Friday Updates and Planning Meeting (Library 018)