Digital Scholarship Summer Fellows, 2019

Erik Carneal: 2021, Cinema & Media Studies and Political Science

Erik looks forward to studying political bias in media – its change over time and its effects on viewers.  One approach he’s considering is to develop a coding system for biased language and apply it to a corpora of news stories.

Michaela Crow: 2019, Political Science

Michaela plans to explore the relationship between Gettysburg College and the surrounding community, primarily through the Center for Public Service and the Chapel program that preceded it.

Hoang Anh Just: 2021, Mathematics and Computer Science

Hoang will begin developing an augmented reality app that will allow users to see information about campus buildings/landmarks on their mobile device while visiting those spots.

Maci Mark: 2021, History

Maci is very excited about tracing the architectural history of specific campus-owned buildings, including Brua Hall, 227 Carlisle Street, and 250 Carlisle Street.

Emma Poff: 2022, Undeclared

Emma is interested in creating a project about human rights abuses among minority groups. Reports from groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International along with social media posts of first-hand accounts have the potential to tell a powerful story.

Emmarie Toppan: 2020, Philosophy

Emmarie wants to talk about video games as visual novels.  There are certain games that focus on storytelling with much less of an emphasis on user input, and Emmarie plans to create a site that catalogs those games and makes it easier to talk about their impact on the genre.


Digital Scholarship Committee

Clint Baugess is a Research & Instruction Librarian at Musselman Library and coordinates the library’s information literacy instruction program. He also serves as the librarian liaison for Gettysburg College’s History department. With a background in instruction, he is interested in how digital history can enhance undergraduate learning and research.

John Dettinger is the Assistant Director of User Services at Musselman Library.  His academic background is in literature, and he recently completed a library science degree.  The Digital Scholarship Committee offers him a chance to learn about digital tools that were not a core component of his humanities education, and he plans to use that knowledge to promote digital scholarship wherever his library career takes him.

Amy Lucadamo ’00 is the College Archivist in Special Collections and College Archives, Musselman Library.  Her background is in Public History and when she is not planning and installing physical exhibits, she likes to imagine what can be done digitally.  She helped to create the The First World War Letters of H.J.C. Peirs: a digital history.

R.C. Miessler is the Systems Librarian at Musselman Library. A lifelong geek in all things religion and technology, he’s interested in how students and faculty use technology to present and interpret humanities research, integrating historical and modern maps to tell spatial narratives, and the intersection of gaming and digital humanities.

Kevin Moore is a Research & Instruction Librarian at Musselman Library and serves as the librarian liaison to Gettysburg College’s Biology and Psychology departments. He enjoys having the opportunity to support multimodal compositions.