Digital Project Elements

Your digital project should contain the following elements:

  • An inviting Home page that introduces the central thesis/research question of your project and draws the user in to explore more.
  • Digital tools that provide a level of interactivity or visualization to your project, such as timelines, maps, charts and graphs, etc. WordPress does not count as a digital tool for this purpose for the fellowship, as it functions primarily as a content management system; however, Scalar or Omeka (for example) would count, as they provide interactivity, metadata, and other components of digital projects.
  • Context, narrative, and interpretation about different aspects of your research question.
  • Digital assets such as images, audio, and video, and their accompanying metadata, as necessary.
  • A Sources page or section (your bibliography).
  • An About page or section that provides:
    • A short biography.
    • A reflective section that talks about why you chose your research question and the future of your project.
    • A link to the Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship 2019 page (
  • A Documentation page or section that provides:
    • Information on the tools, content management systems, or other digital components used to create your project (including links to their web pages).
    • Any customizations or special code created for the project.