Digital Humanities encompasses any humanistic inquiry facilitated by digital technologies. Digital humanists use tools for mapping, data visualization, text analysis, online exhibits, digital collections, storytelling, and more to interpret, analyze, and present research across all disciplines to a broad audience.

Digital Humanities work is characterized by collaborative approaches, public engagement, openness, and transparency. We value process and experimentation as well as scholarly outcomes.

Digital Scholarship Summer Fellows will:

  • Develop research question(s) and apply research skills in order to interpret, analyze, and synthesize information.
  • Create a project management plan that outlines goals, deadlines, and products in order to build a public-facing digital project.
  • Distinguish among and employ Digital Humanities tools and methods in order to support the identified research question(s) and project goals.
  • Actively participate in the Digital Humanities community of practice in order to situate digital scholarship at Gettysburg College within the larger DH community.
  • Communicate personal experience as a Digital Scholarship Summer Fellow in order to demonstrate the value of undergraduate Digital Humanities research.

The Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship is generously funded through a Presidential Leadership Grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The grant was awarded to Gettysburg College in 2017 and, in part, funds the DSSF program for three years.