Project Charter

Project Name: Constructing the Past

Project By: Maci Mark

Project Summary: Constructing the Past is a study of 3 buildings on campus and the coming together of the people who lived in them, the college, the community and the intersection and influence of the architecture. Each building 227 Carlisle Street, 250 Carlisle Street, and Brua Hall have a unique history that also reflects the changes that took place in Gettysburg over time. These buildings are similar in many ways, but are also vastly different in their connection to the college, their original purpose, and how their purpose has changed over time. Buildings and their architecture reflect changes in a community and changes over time, this project will show that. This will culminate in a website that shows these buildings past and current uses, and draws together the community connections.

Deliverables: In order for this projected to be completed I will need access to 227 Carlisle Street, 250 Carlisle Street, and Brua Hall, primary sources from Special Collections and Adams County Historical Society, and digital tools such as scalar, TimelinesJS, and WordPress to create a website.

Project Timeline:

Week 1: I will begin contacting people about different resources

Week 2: Start doing research into the different buildings, make plans to go to County Recorder of Deeds and Adams County Historical Society, Project Charter Due

Week 3: Go to Adams County Historical Society and County Recorder of Deeds, Wireframes due

Week 4: Start narrowing down information

Week 5: Work on organizing information and building website

Week 6: Document 227 Carlisle Street, Project Draft Due

Week 7: Add recently acquired information, Final Project due

Week 8: Present

Future Plans: This project will be preserved in the state it is in at the end of the summer, but there is the potential for more to be added to it in the future.

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