Project Charter -Emma Poff

Project Name: Populism and Human Rights Violations in Southeast Asia

Project Owner: Emma Poff

Project Summary: I would like to create an interactive website for a general somewhat educated audience to learn about Southeast Asian countries and how their citizens are affected by populist influence. Viewers will be able to read through brief histories of four countries (Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Thailand) and their different leaders. I hope to show a correlation between populism within these four countries’ governments and human rights violations against its citizens.

Research Questions:

To what extent has the spread of populism within Southeastern Asian countries caused more frequent and possibly larger-scaled human rights violations against targeted individuals or groups?

What are the different types of populism?

Why is Southeast Asian populism so different from Western world populism?

Deliverables: My project will have multiple pages with attached links as well as navigation controls that allow the viewer to click through different histories and sources. I would like to place an interactive map on my general page with links that take viewers to the four chosen countries, each with their own individual interactive timelines. My hope is to link past events to current problems with human rights scandals.


Week 2:

Learn WordPress, learn mapping tools, learn timeline tools, complete project charter; read books on populism (find a definition), decide on which countries to start research

Week 3:

Learn Scalar, learn text analysis tools, form rough drafts of timelines for each country, wireframes due

Week 4:

Begin creating WordPress page (About and General Homepage), create a map, Go to PCLA

Week 5:

Find firsthand accounts, work on timelines, visualizations due

Week 6:

Add in media, firsthand accounts, pictures, social media page? Draft due

Week 7:

Finishing touches, check links, ensure flow for viewers, polish appearance, Projects due

Week 8:

Work on presentation, PRESENT

End of Life/Future Plans: I hope to leave my website open to collaboration from others with the hopes of getting the chance to occasionally update timelines for incoming events from the news and later world reports.

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