Project Charter

Project Name:  Bridging the Gap: A History of College-Community Partnership

Project Owner: Michaela Crow

Project Summary: This project intends to explore the evolving community partnership between Gettysburg College and Adams County, primarily through the Center for Public Service and the Chapel program that preceded it. This will be achieved by highlighting the service programs which have bridged the divide between college and community.

Research question: How has the community partnership between Gettysburg College and the greater Adams County community evolved over time? What are the service projects between the two that have defined the last century and what has their impact been?

Project Scope: Over the eight-week period, I hope to create a timeline exploring the service projects led by the Chapel and Center for Public Service in Adams County with a potential additional page for service led by the Greek community. I intend to link the timeline to pages describing the service project in depth with supplemental photos and articles from the Gettysburgian. I would also like to provide a platform for community members to record their own experiences with the programs.

Audience: Gettysburg College students and Adams County community members that have been affected by this history of partnership or are researching the College’s history of community service


Scalar – platform


The description page of service projects – photos, history

Oral Histories: Vannorsdall, Mattson, Olinger, etc.

Article from Gettysburgian online archive

Special Collections – manuscripts, Junto, etc.

Images from CPS – digitize


Week 2: Project charter due Friday morning

Compile relevant dates from CPS timeline

Decide on service projects images needed from CPS

Research in Archives – 1 box done

Week 3: Wireframes due Friday morning

Select and digitize images from CPS

Create a timeline of public service

Week 4:

Connect Timeline to titled pages

Write descriptions and contextualize

Website homepage drafter

Week 5:

Have a timeline and images finalized

½ of connected pages done

Week 6: Project Draft Due Friday

Complete about/summary page

Have peer review work

Draft of the project finished

Week 7: Final Project due Friday

Final edits completed

Reexamine all pages for errors

Week 8: Presentation week

Prepare for presentation

Practice presenting to audience

End of Life/Future Plans

Due to the nature of the project, there is clear opportunity to continue updating the timeline with community programs which emerge over time. Additionally, the project will ideally carry on through crowd-sourced reflections and experiences related to service programs described. Following my graduation, the project could be continued by CPS or left in a final form updated till 2019. The project will continue to be preserved on the college’s website.


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