Project Charter – Hoang Anh Just

Project Name

  • The Change of Gettysburg College Campus over Time

Project Owner

  • Hoang Anh Just

Project Summary

  • My project is a development of Augmented Reality mobile application with a content of Gettysburg College Campus. The application will recognize college buildings and will provide the specific information/facts about corresponding buildings and will show the changes of the buildings at a given time.

Research Question

  • How has the Gettysburg College campus has changed over time? What were significant changes for the campus that affected its members?

Scope of project

  • I intend to start very small. I will start with Pennsylvania Hall, and once I will be able to do it and be comfortable with my tools, I will increase the scope of my project to more buildings.


  • My main audience will be members of Gettysburg College (mostly students, staff, and faculty). For people who are interested in Gettysburg College campus and would like always to learn more about it in a fun way.


  • Photos/Videos of College Campus
  • Information/Facts about Gettysburg College Campus
  • AR application for IOS/Android
  • WordPress with TimeLineJS or StoryMapJS
  • StoryMapJS


  • Week 1:  early research about GC campus and best AR app platform
  • Week 2: starting to learn AP platforms and starting to researching on one buildings
  • Week 3: finding more specific information and photos, make simple ar applications
  • Week 4: finish researching and understanding research, make more advanced ar apps, halftime re-checking goals
  • Week 5: starting application and adding historical content
  • Week 6: finishing up the application and work on design
  • Week 7: test your application and work on presentation
  • Week 8: presentation practice and done?

End of Life/Future Plans

  • As I know this project is very big to make on my own. So in future, I would like to improve the application to increase the scope of the project. I would like other members of our school also be involved and to contribute to the project so it will be even more complete. The project will not only focus on buildings but also on different aspects in our school.

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