Wireframes – Hoang Anh Just

I will make an introductory website to talk about my project and give necessary instructions to how to use and install the Augmented Reality application on the phone. I will make a WordPress website, where I could either scroll down to go through the whole website or use the scalar linking pages that can go from one site to the next one. I will have a simple ‘ABOUT’ page, where I will talk about my project motivation and about project itself. Then, I will go to ‘BUILDINGS’ page, which contains all my content for the AR app and even more detailed information that the AR app could not contain. After showing all the content, we will go to the ‘CREDIT’ page with credits and bibliography. At the end, the user can read the instructions about the AR app and install it on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ page.




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  1. I think this is a great start. You’ll want to consider how much text/info will work on the AR screen, because you don’t want your users to have to scroll or fiddle with it too much. Having a supplementary website with more information, research, and sources will help out a lot!

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