DH DH DH – deliver your heart <3

Hello Everyone,

My name is Hoang and I am very happy to be a part of DSSF this summer. I am starting my first of 8 weekly responses, but before I will start answering our main question, I will introduce just a bit of my project idea. For the Fellowship, I am doing a research on the change of Gettysburg College campus over time and I will try to create a mobile Augmented Reality application, which will contain the results of my research. It still sounds vague and not specific, because I have just started working and my project idea is still in the initial state and with time I will work on specifying it more. I am very excited to work on this project and to learn the history of our college.

During the first week, we have been discussing about what DH (Digital Humanities) is. I did not know the meaning of DH before coming to DSSF. It is so funny, because I did not know what DH was and I could not explain what DH was, I told my friends that this summer I am working for the library and I will be sorting books (and some of them believed me.)

Probably, it would not be difficult to define DH from two words Digital and Humanities and then combine those two definitions together. But now I have learned more about DH and maybe I still do not know the “real” definition, I know that there is more than just definitions. DH is about values (given by R.C.) that are vital for every scholarship: openness, collaboration, collegiality/connectedness, diversity, experimentation, and failure.

From the discussion and the Amanda Visconti piece, I have created my own “definition”/picture of DH. It is quite simple and might sound very cliche, but for me DH, is not really about digital or humanities, itself. DH is about your attitude toward your work, whether you have concentrated on your research and work diligently to get the result. Moreover, while working you are trying to use as many tools as necessary and trying to also involve people to help you improving your project. Furthermore, you are also working with the thought in mind that you are working not only because you want to learn but also you are eager to share what you have learned with some people/community. Digital here is one of the ways that might help you to approach the audience but you are not limited to use only digital tools, though. There are other methods. The part Humanities, I understood as you are trying to do a research as you are interested in it, and also you want to share your research with other humans. You are not limited to do research in Humanities disciplines only.

As I have already mentioned in the title, for me DH is Deliver the work with your Heart (that’s what matters most), in short Deliver your Heart.

I am very excited to do some research on our school campus, and I will try to find as many resources as possible, I will try to ask as many people as possible and to get people involved with my project. I will also work as part of the DSSF team, where I will try to help and also get help of my team. I will try different ways to approach my project, and I will not be afraid of experimentation. Even if I fail, I learn from my mistakes and I will try again. At the end, I will share what I have with the community.

I am very looking forward to working with the DSSF team and I appreciate help of people helping me with the project.

That is the end of my first entry. Thank you for reading it. Please bear with me for the rest of 7 weeks 🙂

Have a good weekend,



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  1. Hoang, I think Deliver you Heart is a great way to think about DH work. Like R.C. mentioned in the project management session, it’s difficult to follow through on a project that you aren’t passionate about. And the heart is great imagery for the human side of this work. DH isn’t about detached scholarship that might not ever be read; it’s about working within a community to create something that is useful to and accessible for a broad audience. I love your enthusiasm!

  2. Thanks, Hoang! I think you’re approaching this with the right attitude. Passion is really important in DH, and in scholarship as well, so it’s great you’re willing to approach this with openness and interest. Your approach for this project is really unique in the larger history of this program, so we’re really excited to see what you come up with.

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