My website, “The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants,” was created using WordPress. The website itself features four pages: “Home,” “U.S. History of Reactionary Politics,” “U.S. Veteran Activity at the U.S. Capitol,” and “About.” I have implemented two digital tools thus far: TimelineJS and ArcGIS. The timeline I created conceptualizes historical events which involve veteran usage of reactionary politics in U.S. History. Using ArcGIS, I created a map visualization which plots where the 60 veterans who were charged by the government for their role in rioting at the Capitol building were from. Below is the link to my website as it stands:

The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants (

This post was created by Ben Johnson, Gettysburg College Class of 2022 and member of the DSSF Summer Cohort of 2021.

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