Final Project Presentations

Cambodian Refugees’ Resettlement Experience from 1975-1990

Theary Heang ’24

This project explores important events related to the Cambodian refugee resettlement program in the U.S. through timelines and story maps, and individual experience through feature storytelling. This project use ArcGIS Story Maps to tell all the stories in a collection. This project will help visitors understand the struggle and experience of Cambodian refugees, and hopefully direct interest in awareness of refugee crises all around the world

The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants

Ben Johnson ’22

This project explores the connection between U.S. veterans and reactionary politics, through conceptualizing the individual and group use of radical violence by veterans during the riot at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. Digital tools such as TimelineJS and ArcGIS were used to visualize this project’s research on WordPress. “The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants” aims to complicate our understanding of how U.S. veterans interact politically, and how their stories must be heard.

Lilith through the Times: Demoness to Feminist Icon

Shukirti Khadka ’24

This project explores the world of Lilith – the world’s first woman. From 2000 BCE Sumerian texts to popular 21st century Netflix shows, Lilith has made her appearances in ancient texts, art, and culture since the very beginning of civilization. This project will follow Lilith through the times and detail her journey from being a vicious child-killing succubus to a feminist icon.

Gettysburg College’s Majestic Theater: A Big Role in a Small Town

Carlee Mayo ’22

This project explores the role of independent and small-town movie theaters in their communities. The project uses an academic framework and digital tools (such as TimelineJS, Canva, and Voyant Tools) to analyze and explore how independent cinemas impact their communities culturally, economically, and personally, while using the Majestic Theater as a case study to embody these themes.

Comedic Timing: The Evolution of 20th Century American Comedy

Nicole Parisi ’23

“Comedic Timing” explores the advances of comedy over the last century from the Vaudeville stage, to the radio, to the modern-day sitcom and observes how societal and technological advances have impacted humor for each generation. This research was conducted through interviews and investigation of digital archives and was built using Scalar and TimelineJS.

Absealom and Eteri: The First Original Georgian Opera

Ana Vashakmadze ’22

Abesalom and Eteri is an original Georgian opera by Zacharia Paliashvili that was composed in 1919, the year after the country of Georgia reestablished its independence from the Russian Empire. This project highlights the significance of creating nationalistic opera and how intertwined it was with a political independence of a country and its significance of rebuilding the Georgian identity. The website is hosted on WordPress and uses digital tools such as TimelineJS and StoryMapJS in order to create a more interactive project.