Week 8: Final Week

Reflective Post #4

Post by 4:30pm, Friday, July 30

Thinking back to how you defined DH in week one, and how Musselman Library defines it in our local context, how has your understanding and/or definition of DH changed over the course of the fellowship? How have your communities of practice caused you to think differently about the definitions you have encountered?

Monday, July 26

9:30–10am EDT: Monday Check-In

10am-11am EDT: “A DH Project is Never Finished, Merely Abandoned”

Nothing on the Internet lasts forever, and projects must come to an end. What’s next for your project? Do you have further plans for the project, going to blank the site, or will it be “merely abandoned” and left to the ravages of technology changes on the Internet? We will discuss issues of the longevity of DH projects, as well as the challenges of digital preservation. This session will also include time for you to submit your final project links to The Cupola.

Before the Workshop

Tuesday, July 27

9am-10am EDT: Guest Speaker: Quinn Dombrowski

This starts 1 hour earlier than we usually have!

Register here: https://gettysburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAscuCpqj0pHNMEujiw5HR-NEGv68eOx9Ij

Before the Speaker

Thursday, July 29

10am–Noon EDT: Project Presentations via Zoom

Register for the Zoom link: https://gettysburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYqcOuhrDsiHNO6WrnVHwaohUfPFTXoqDQY

Friday, July 30

10–11:30am EDT: Final Group Check-In

4:30pm EDT: Week 8 Reflective Posts Due