Week 6: Interactivity

Project Draft – DUE FRIDAY

Post a link to your project to Teams by 9am, Friday, July 16.

Monday, July 12

9:30–10am: Weekly Check-In

10am–Noon: Web Usability Workshop

Register here: https://libcal.gettysburg.edu/event/7879537

Way back in Week 1, we discussed the importance of planning your projects so your users have a good experience on your sites. However, how do you know you have a project that is easy to use and navigate? Web usability testing is a way to evaluate digital projects, as well as get feedback to revise your websites. Today, we will look at strategies for designing usability studies and ways to evaluate digital projects, both your own, and others.

Before the Workshop

  • The Yale University Usability & Web Accessibility site is a great resource for developing user-friendly and accessible web sites.  For today’s purposes, review the section on Usability Best Practices.
  • Next, explore usability.gov’s Step-by-Step Usability Guide paying close attention to the “Test and Refine” section.  Review the Usability Evaluation Basics for a brief description of common types of usability testing methods.
  • Finally, choose 2-3 myths from the website UXMyths to explore.  Consider how you connected with the “myths” – either as a designer of a site (did any of these make you re-think a design choice, or confirm what you are already implementing?) or as a web user (did you immediately think of an experience or site where the myth rang true?).  We will open our conversation with these reflections.

Tuesday, July 13

10am-11am EDT: Guest Speaker: Dr. Roopika Risam

Register here: https://gettysburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYvc-irqTspGdaabmlk7a7o9LuOb9is5e0I

Before the Speaker

  • DSSFs should read “The Stakes of Post-Colonial Digital Humanities” from Roopika Risam’s New Digital Worlds: Postcolonial Digital Humanities in Theory, Praxis, and Pedagogy (will be posted to Teams)

Wednesday, July 14

10–11:30am: Project Feedback and Review

Informal project presentations to the DS Committee and DSSFs.  Come prepared to walk the committee and your peers through your project.  Be prepared to answer questions and hear constructive criticism about your work, as well as give honest, constructive criticism about the work of your peers.

Thursday, July 15

10am-11am: Guest Speaker: Dr. Jill Titus

Register here: https://libcal.gettysburg.edu/event/7884293

Dr. Jill Titus will discuss the intersections of public history and Digital Humanities!

Before the Workshop

Friday, July 16

9am: Project Draft Due

Post a link to your project to Teams by 9:00am, Friday, July 16.

9:30–10am: Weekly Updates and Planning

10am–Noon: Optional Office Hours

Register here for the Zoom link: https://libcal.gettysburg.edu/event/7930075

Drop in at any time during these two hours if you’d like to talk more about specific tools or topics we’ve covered recently. Digital Scholarship Committee members will be available to answer questions or help troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing.