Week 5: Games and Making


Post your visualization with the Category Visualization to the website by 9 am, Friday, July 9. This can be a link to a map, timeline, network diagram, text analysis, annotation … really, anything that will bring some sort of visual, interactive element to your final project. If you really want to use one of the text or network analysis tools introduced on Monday or Tuesday, and think you may need more time, let us know.

Reflective Post #3

Post by 9am, Monday, July 12

One of the ideas of the DSSF program is not that you are being paid to do research, but rather, being paid to create knowledge. Engage with one of the questions Burdick, Drucker, Lunenfeld, Presnet, and Schnapp propose in Chapter 3 of Digital_Humanities (starts page 75 of the book itself, page 86 of the PDF):

  • What happens when anyone can speak and publish? What happens when knowledge credentialing is no longer controlled solely by institutions of higher learning?
  • Who can create knowledge, who monitors it, who authorizes it, who disseminates it, whom does it influence and to what effect?

Tuesday, July 6

9:30–10am: Monday Tuesday Check-In

10am-11am EDT: Guest Speaker: Greg Lord

Recording: https://gettysburg.ensemblevideo.com/Watch/dssf21-dh-speaker-greg-lord

Video games can be seen as interactive narrative structures, and this is well suited to the digital humanities. While some games can communicate concepts of literature and history, other times we use the tools that are used to create games to develop virtual worlds to visualize our research. Today, Greg Lord, Software Developer and Designer will talk about his work with games and VR.

Before the Speaker

  • Read “Can Games be Humanities Scholarship?” by James Coltrain and Stephen Ramsay
  • Play a game! Any game, classic or modern. Think about what story it is trying to tell. HINT: If you need suggestions, see R.C.

Wednesday, July 7

10am-??? EDT: #dssf21 Plays Oregon Trail

R.C. will post the Zoom link in Teams.

Thursday, July 8

10am-11am EDT: Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Oechler

Registration link: https://libcal.gettysburg.edu/event/7884287

Dr. Chris Oechler, Assistant Professor of Spanish, will visit us to talk about the VR reconstruction he is doing of a 17th century Spanish theater!

Before the Speaker

Friday, July 9

9:30–10am: Weekly Updates and Planning

10am–Noon: Optional Office Hours

Register for the Zoom link: https://libcal.gettysburg.edu/event/7955153

Drop in at any time during these two hours if you’d like to talk more about specific tools or topics we’ve covered recently. Digital Scholarship Committee members will be available to answer questions or help troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing.