Visualization – Theary Heang

I create my project in Arc GIS Storymap. So far, I have created 2 stories in my website, and please see the link to it below.

This is the link to one of my story page that called “Time Machine: Cambodian Refugees in the U.S.” with subtitle of “A look at Major Events regarding the Cambodian Refugee’s early resettlement in the U.S.”

Below is my other story page titled “Indochinese Refugee Camps in the U.S. in 1975” with a subtitle of “Explore the American Resettlement Program for Indochinese refugees (Cambodian, Vietnamese and Laos) in 1975 through StoryMap”

These are the visualization of 2 pages from my website. I hope this helps introduce a little bit of my project.

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