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Digital Humanity and Me

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Everybody nowadays is using the internet and resource on web for many purposes whether it is to do research, read daily news, connect with friends or attend online classes. Digital resources are very convenient, fast and accessible globally, making it a number one go-to place. Joining the Digital Humanity Scholarship Fellowship, I thought I know what a Digital Humanity is and what I should do to achieve the goal of a DH project, but little did I know that I had a misunderstanding of what DH is all along.

During the first week of the fellowship, I have a great experience discussing the aspect of digital humanity’s definition, elements and values, and explore different fascinating DH projects that was done in the past. Though there are some misunderstanding I have had of what a DH project should look like, being in such sessions have helped me figure out the purposes of my individual DH project and what I should do in order to get started. This first week is full of unique understanding and transformative thought, redirecting my misunderstanding to a rightful path of purposeful digital humanity project. It really is impacting my plan and experience for the whole summer.

With that in mind, my project is going to embrace the value of DH: openness, collaborative, connectedness, diversity and experimentation. In the community of digital scholarship summer fellowship 2021, I am planning on utilizing all the available resource on campus, working with others in the team and library partners, trying out new digital tools and experimenting new perspective of the project. In addition, focusing on the experience of Cambodian immigrants in the US during 1970s, this project requires a global understanding of cultural and historical diversity of the two communities, in which I am going to incorporate into my project. Once built, my DH project is going to be made accessible for people who have interest in the topic, and someone who might need it as a resource for their paper or future project under educational purposes.

To make the most out of the summer, I plan to not only deliver a fully built individual DH project, but also do my best to help the DSSF cohort live and work best together. By being an open communicator, a supporter and an optimist, I will do my best to become someone who is reliable for the others, responsible for her own work, and embrace these learning process through the whole summer. One of the most important expectations is to be physically and mentally healthy, which mean that I should know my limit, take breaks when needed, and especially eat and sleep well. It might be a typical expectation, but it can be hard to adapt, especially when lacking awareness; however, staying on track and being on the top of everything is what I am planning to do this summer. There are more exciting things to learn, and I am looking forward to embracing those experiences.

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