How do we fit in: Visualizations

On my website I have visualizations so far on the “understanding modernism and postmodernism page” under the “concepts” tab.  There are Google Ngram graphs and a timeline on that page. I also have one visualization so far on the page for the Mercury under the “student works” tab. It is a word map visualization.


Here’s the link to my website.


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  1. Really good work here. I would recommend placing your Ngrams as centered images instead of alternating left and right, I think it will help the text flow better. It will likely also play better with mobile devices. Fantastic timeline, you might want to think about using the Groups and/or Era functions to break it up a bit. Also, if you don’t find a good way to embed your Voyant visualization, you can always link out to it so someone can interact with it off of your site. Great job!

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