Project Charter

  • Project Name
    • The Great Task Remaining Before Us: Why Gettysburg Performs
  • Project Owner
    • Gauri Mangala
  • Project Summary
    • My project centers around the town of Gettysburg’s involvement in performance as a means of storytelling. Starting from the Gettysburg Address, Gettysburg has remained strong in its cultural roots as a historic landmark.
      • My research question: How has Lincoln’s call to action to remember what happened on the battlefield affected the way the people of Gettysburg remember history and tell stories?
      • In 8 weeks, I hope to have a specific understanding of the development of performance in Gettysburg College and a general understanding of the development of performance in the town of Gettysburg.
      • I believe my¬†audience will most likely be people involved with the town of Gettysburg, either as residents, or regular tourists.
  • Deliverables
    • Photos/Videos/Audios of performances
    • Oral Histories
    • College History Books
    • Video interviews
    • Theory books on performance and the Gettysburg Address
    • TimelineJS
    • StoryMapJS
    • WordPress? Omeka? Who knows?
  • Timeline
    • Week 1:¬† preliminary college research
    • Week 2: plan interviews, finish basic college research, choose digital tools
    • Week 3: preliminary town research, adapt college research into embedded tools
    • Week 4: finish basic college research, finish digitization
    • Week 5: finish interviews (except for special circumstances), create all pages and embed college research
    • Week 6: adapt town research and publish to website, edit film
    • Week 8: practice practice practice, and edit website
  • End of Life/Future Plans
    • As I am only going into my sophomore year of college, my ultimate goal would be to continue this research. The more that I do this, I realize that maybe that will transfer itself into getting involved in Special Collections and continuing to archive performance materials and move them to my website, but in one way or another I want to continue this for as long as I am involved with Gettysburg.

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