ILE Project Charter

Project Name: Gettysburg College: A Diversity Story

Project Owner: Ivana Lopez Espinosa

Project Summary:

The project will be a multi-page website with description pages and four embedded timelines. The overview timeline consists of ‘firsts at Gettysburg College’ that can direct the user to one of the other timelines or more information on the person, event, or document. The other three timelines will contain firsts and other information specifically related to the diversity/ inclusion of students, faculty, and administration. Criteria for diversity include, but are not limited to, gender, sexualities, race, nationality, and religion different from the traditional college campus member – a white, heterosexual Lutheran man.

Research Question:

Over the years, Gettysburg College has focused on creating a diverse and inclusive environment by focusing on, but not limited to, student/faculty/administration retention rates, increasing cultural spaces, and supporting underrepresented students on campus. Gettysburg College has seen a small increase of diversity on campus in the last four years. Since the establishment of the institution, what have been significant events that contribute to the diversification and how have students/ faculty/ administration worked on maintaining, as well as increase, diversity at the college?

Scope of Project:

In the following seven weeks, I hope to have four cohesive timelines highlighting the diversity with the student body, faculty, and administration. My main objective is to create a website using the four websites with interactive timelines and pages relating to events or people I have the most information on. The timeline will link to other student works, Special Collections and College Archives, and external sites that contain information I want to display. I have a document with the location of files, pictures, and information I will reference to as the days progress. If time permits, I would be interested in creating a map with student demographics over time and cost of attending at the time.

Audience: Gettysburg College campus community (Current/ Prospective Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff)


Website, Home Page, timeline (student, faculty, administration, timeline embedded pages, mapping (time permitting), description pages (events, alumni, faculty, administration), images, documents, About page, Timeline JS skills (or other timeline tool), Omeka (for documents and images)


    • Week 2:
      • Create a document with all the information I have collected
      • Filter information and create timeline skeleton
      • Look at Overview timeline and edit
      • Start wireframe (paper → powerpoint)
      • Project charter (6/15)
      • Reflective essay (6/16)
    • Week 3:
      • Create documents of events/ people with the most information
      • Look at collected information and assign tags
      • Create a digital list of sources for images, documents, files, boxes
      • Bucknell (6/19)
      • Wireframe (6/22)
      • Reflective Essay (6/23)
    • Week 4:
      • Solidify featured information on timelines
      • Scan images and documents, start metadata (?)
      • Have 2.5 timelines completed
      • Have functional website outline
      • Create website home page, outlines of timeline pages, bio example, event description example, and document example
      • Mid-point assessment (individual 6/28, group 6/29)
      • Reflective essay (6/30)
    • Week 5:
      • Have at least 2.5 timeline feature pages complete
      • Review mock pages with librarian partners
      • Check tags
      • Have 74% of media collected
      • Visualization (7/6)
      • Reflective Essay (7/7)
    • Week 6:
      • Finish the rest of media uploading
      • Review timelines with librarian partners – send out for feedback
      • Bryn Mawr (7/12-13)
      • Project draft (7/12)
      • Reflective essay (7/14)
    • Week 7:
      • Check images, links, timelines, pages
      • Final edits
      • Create talking notes
      • Outline of presentation – what is the order of pages I wish to show
      • Project (7/20)
      • Reflective essay (7/21)
    • Week 8:
      • Practice presentation
        • Monday:
          • Morning run through
          • Around 11a
          • Around 3p
        • Tuesday:
          • Morning run through (use feedback to update presentation outline)
          • Around 2p
        • Wednesday:
          • Morning run through
          • Around 11a
          • Around 3p
      • Presentation (7/26)
      • Final group assessment (7/27)

End of Life/Future Plans:

I wish to keep the project alive for the next person interested in the topic to add more information. I do not know if I will have time to maintain the document, but I want to make the information and process accessible for others to use.

Project Examples:

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  1. I love how detailed your work plan is, Ivana. I see what you mean about the aesthetics of the Colorado College timeline. We have former staff who work at the library there, so let us know if we can connect you!

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