Week 1 – What is Digital Scholarship?

Blog Post – Due Tuesday,  May 31

In your own words, define “digital scholarship” or “digital humanities.” Think about the many definitions of digital scholarship/humanities and how they can inform your definition. Why is it so challenging to define (or is it …)? What values do you wish to see embodied in your practice of digital scholarship? You will turn back to this definition throughout the summer.

Micro Blog Post Suggestion for Week 1

Write a brief bio introducing yourself and what you plan on researching this summer.

Monday, May 22

8:30am-Noon: Welcome to the Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship! (Library 014)

Today’s our first day of the Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship! Today, we will go over introductions, cover logistics, and jump into our summer. We will try to define digital humanities and set some values for the summer, as well as get a preview of the Senior Fellows’ presentation that will happen on Thursday at Bucknell University.

Readings and Assignments

Noon-1pm: DSSF Lunch  (TBD)

1pm-4pm: Introduction to Special Collections (Special Collections Reading Room, 4th Floor)

This afternoon we will take a tour of Special Collections and discover how their collections turn into digital assets.

Readings and Assignments

Tuesday, May 23

8:30am-9am: DSSF Check-In (Library 014)

9am-10am: Using Zotero to Manage your Research

Organizing your research is an important part of this fellowship; today we will discuss some strategies for using Zotero, a free tool that helps you manage, share, and cite your resources. Bring your laptop if you have one, so you can set up Zotero the way you like it (otherwise, use a lab computer).

Readings and Assignments

Noon-1pm: Lunch (On Your Own)


  • 1pm-4:30pm: Research/Project Work

    Wednesday, May 24

    8:30am-9am: DSSF Check-In (Library 014)

    9am-Noon: Sites and WordPress (Library 014, Public Session)

    Gettysburg Sites provides a web server for students, faculty, and staff at Gettysburg College, allowing the creation of basic websites, as well as more advanced tools such as WordPress. Sharon Birch and Eric Remy from Educational Technology will lead a session on how to use Sites, as well as how to get started creating your own WordPress site.

    Readings and Assignments

    Noon-1pm: DSSF Lunch with the Digital Technology Fellows (TBD)

    1pm-3pm: Lab: Exploring the Digital Scholarship Community of Practice with Twitter and Slack (Library 014, Public Session)

    Digital scholars often use tools such as Twitter and Slack to communicate, share ideas, and develop a community of practice. Today, we will learn more about these online communities, who to follow, and how to interact with the larger digital scholarship community of practice.

    Readings and Assignments

    Thursday, May 25

    Today we will be heading to Bucknell University for the Pennsylvania Library Association (College and Research Division)’s Spring 2017 workshop. We will meet outside your summer housing at 6am. We should return to campus no later than 6pm.

    Friday, May 26

    8:30am-9am: Check-In (Library 014)

    9am-Noon: Project Management (Library 014, Public Session)

    Project management and documenting your processes is an important part of developing a digital project. Today, we will discuss  how to create a project charter, begin a timeline for your project, and look at ways to document the creation of your project so others can see how it was made. Guidelines for the charter are available at the Project Charter page. This will be a living document, of sorts; as you research your topic and think about ways to present and visualize your project, things may change. However, getting a good basis for your project is important.

    Readings and Assignments

    Noon-1pm: Lunch (on your own)

    1pm-4:30pm: Research/Project Work (on your own)